The Compound Bow and The Basic Information

There are three main types of bow: long bow, recurve bow and compound bow.

The long bow is the oldest bow. It just has a stick with length of about 1.7 m. Its diameter is smaller and smaller from inside to outside. The dart is also wood.

Compound-Bow-zombieThe recurve bow is a bow that both ends of its limbs bent backwards. Therefore, the strength of bow increases tremendously. Some famous warriors with this bow are Mongol, Turkish, Hungarian and Korean. After that, this bow was divided into three segments. It’s very convenient.

The best compound bow is a modern bow using wire drive system enabled, making high motivation and reducing traction. The compound bow usually uses cables and pulleys to bend the bows.

Its two limbs is a compound having bigger hardness than a crossbow or recurve bow. The hardness of the compound bow limbs save more energy than other bows. The compound bow uses pulley for bowstrings. There are one or two pulleys. Many cables attached to the opposite bow. When the string is pulled, the string makes melodramatic moving of the pulley. When hunting bow, the archers have taken mechanical advantages, the pulley works alternately.

Using this levering system provide a characteristic curve. The bow is less affected by changes in temperature and humidity. Therefore, it brings more high precision than others. It was developed firstly in 1966 by Holless Wilbur Allen in Missouri. The bow is more and more popular. In the United States, there are some famous production brands as Hoyt, Mathew, PSE, Bowtech and Martin.

Riser of a bow is usually made from aluminum, magnesium alloy or aluminum alloy. The limbs are made from composite material having compressive force. The limb and cable may be made from polyethylene. They are designed with a big tensile strength and a minimum elongation to transfer its energy for arrows in the maximum.

The compound bow can save more energy than others. The speed of hunting is also faster in an equivalent height. Design of pulley directly controls the speed of the arrow. However it also has some weaknesses. It’s difficult to maintain. The cost is more expensive because it has many details and equipments.

The arrows of compound bow are not different significantly from the arrows of the recurve bow. They are usually made from aluminum, aluminum alloy, carbon fiber or a mixture of the two materials. It is not made from wood. The basic different is in backbone of arrow and the hardness of bow. When releasing, the arrow leaving the bow more gently but not intensely like the recurve bow. Head of bow is still prorated 6 grain / pound.

Both Asian people and mature Vietnamese people should only play 50 pounds or less and need from 250 to 300 grain. Remember that hunting bow is to relax so we should not use power to ruin the highest sense of bow. We hunt by our heart and mind not by the strength.

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